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Optometry Australia’s 2022 Vision Index found that over 85% of Aussies have experienced dry eyes at some point in their lives. Interestingly, of those reporting dry eyes, 55% reckon the symptoms only started since the pandemic. Dry eye is basically due to a shortage of good quality natural tears and the lubrication they usually produce. Symptoms include gritty, itchy, burning, red, or sore eyes and even blurred vision that sorts itself out after we blink. It can be incredibly uncomfortable and even debilitating and embarrassingly noticeable when extreme. But we can help!

Whilst our first reaction is to head to the local pharmacy and drown our eyeballs in whatever eye drops they recommend or we’ve seen advertised, unfortunately sometimes this can actually make matters worse. There is a huge range of eye drops available, all containing a range of active ingredients and preservatives, designed for a variety of causes.

Similarly, there are a range of reasons why you may be suffering from dry eyes including allergy (even to the eye drops!), excessive screen time, fatigue, sun damage, cataract surgery, medications, getting older, and so on.

It’s important to make an appointment so David can take a closer look with his expert eye at the surface of your cornea, discuss your unique situation and provide the right solution for you. There is a range of options available including (but not limited to):

  • The use of heat packs to get your natural tear glands working
  • Medications, supplements, and treatments to resolve the underlying cause of the dry eyes
  • The correct eye drops to get from the pharmacy
  • Lid margin cleansing

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