We focus on the serious stuff

We appreciate that long, thick and fluttery eye lashes are to die for, but the ‘real goods’ are the ‘not quite so sexy’ eyeballs that they’re protecting. These little treasures are worth looking after and investing in.

We have teenage daughters – we get it. We have also had to have those ‘difficult’, eye-rolling conversations about the risks to your eyes associated with beauty products and procedures.

  • Cosmetic contact lenses

The bottom line is: if you’re wanting to pop in a ‘novelty’ or ‘cosmetic’ contact lens to change the colour of your eye, or top off a spooky costume – do it with extreme care and purchase your lenses from a reputable source. 33% of Australians who have worn novelty contact lenses have experienced problems as a result, including eye infections and blindness.

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  • Fake eyelashes

Whilst easy to pop on at home and booming in popularity thanks to lockdown and our increasing dependence on communicating via screens, there are (according to Optometry Australia) risks attached. These include infections of the eyelid and cornea (causing redness and swelling), allergic reactions to the glue, damaging your own lashes and accidently poking your eye with the tweezers. Fortunately we are here to help should you develop symptoms.

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  • Eyelash lengthening

Lash extensions applied by an appropriately skilled beauty professional, in a hygienic setting, using specially formulated skin-safe glue, is the safest way to don this beauty accessory (according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology). Do your homework because potential risks include damage to (or infection of) your eyelid or cornea, an allergic reaction to the glue (which may cause toxic conjunctivitis), and loss of your own eyelashes (temporary or permanent). Call or go online for an appointment if you have any concerns.

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  • Eyebrow and eyelash dyeing

Forewarned is forearmed – do your homework to find an appropriately trained and hygienic beautician to minimise the risks associated with this beauty procedure. Even with the most skilled application, having a dye so close to your eyes may cause an allergic reaction (immediate or developing over time), regardless of whether you’ve had previous treatments with no problems. If you experience redness, inflammation, itching, discharge, tearing up or flaking; (whilst not a great look for a hot date) it can also lead to more serious long-term problems if left untreated. Book an urgent appointment with us.

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The Australian Skin Cancer Foundation’s research warns that ultraviolet radiation is potentially more damaging to our eyes than our skin and we should be ‘sliding’ on our sunnies far more than we think. Cancer Council SA recommends sun protection when UV levels are 3 and above.

Optometry Australia reckons that not wearing the right pair of sunnies when we should, increases our likelihood of developing cataracts, pterygium, macular degeneration, and cancer around our eyes.

Fortunately, we have a great range of quality, Australian Standard, polarized sunnies for you to slide on.

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Sun safety

Do your sunnies meet Australian standard?

Admit it – you’ve daydreamed about lifting that trophy: the roar of the crowd, the flashing of cameras! At Victor Eye Centre, we’ve definitely got the best high-performance, tailor-made lenses and great frames styled purposely for comfort and performance. Combined, we can ensure you can see your very best and aim with accuracy. AND (whilst we can do nothing about how you look in Lycra) we can ensure that you protect your eyes, while you play great sport and look super-stylish, including:

  • Prescription goggles for squash, basketball, swimming
  • Prescription sports eyewear and sunnies for tennis, golf, cycling, shooting (David is an aspiring marksman himself, so knows a thing or two)
  • Non-prescription sunnies and safety goggles or eyewear for sports and driving (we’re the only stockists of Bollé and Serengeti in the Fleurieu).

Want to protect your child from sports-related eye injuries?

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It’s vitally important to accept when we need help with our vision behind the wheel. Whilst we might joke about needing to squint to read the road signs, missing a kangaroo lurking on the verge at 100kmph is no laughing matter. If you’ve noticed that road signs are creeping up on you, you’re giving yourself a fright by missing a car or toddler in your peripheral vision, or headlights are troubling you at night – book an appointment so we can chat about possible fixes.

Teenage drivers – we’ve done our fair share of lying awake at night waiting for our P-platers to get home safe. The least all we parents can do, is ensure our kids can see all the possible dangers on the road as well as possible. Book them in for an eye test when you book their driving lessons.

Worried about mum or dad on the roads? Having the ‘we don’t think you should be driving any more’ conversation with mum or (and particularly) dad is not easy. It signifies a loss of independence, strength and further indication of growing old, which none of us like. Take the sting out of it by suggesting they come and see our optometrist to have a chat. If there’s a ‘difficult’ conversation to be had, David has the experience to have it with gentleness and compassion, as well as having the tools and advice to keep your parents driving safely as long as possible.

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Whether you’re a demon in the shed, in the garden or around the house, there are plenty of potential hazards and you should take precautions to protect your eyes. If you’re a tradie, your mortgage depends on you looking after yourself and the tools of your trade (including your great vision).

A branch at eye-level, accidental splashes of chemical cleaners or paint, dust, dirt and filings in the air or being flicked up from saws and grinders, a snapping drive-belt: all can cause serious and sight-threatening damage to your eyes.

There’s a heap of ‘safety’ products on the market and we encourage you to come and seek professional advice before investing in the right eye protection for you and for what you are doing. Safety goggles or glasses are designed to take the hard knocks and must meet a higher standard than regular glasses as a result. This includes the lenses and the frames. We can supply a range of eye protection with and without your regular prescription, and also with polarized lenses if you’re working outdoors. Perfect for you.

Nobody likes to be on either end of the ‘put that tablet away’ battle, so we suggest you get better informed and do the equivalent of slipping puréed veggies into the bolognaise sauce. Plan when you’re going to distract those that you love away from their screens and out to the beach, or to the dining table for a family board game.

Yes, ‘computer vision syndrome’ does exist and is a fancy way of describing a range of possible eye symptoms which may be caused by spending way too much time glued to a screen. But there are lots you can do to create the right balance. If the ‘put that phone away’ conversation is something you can happily do without, book your kids in for an eye health and vision check – our optometrist is happy to play the bad guy!

Are the new generation of Aussie kids at risk of myopia?

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Refreshingly Different Frames

Our quest is to offer you the most beautiful frames in the region whilst refusing to compromise on the quality of eyecare we provide. We are proud to be the only stockists of many unique fashion frames not available anywhere else south of Adelaide and only a handful of practices in South Australia. If you love to feel awesome when you pop on your frames, come and play dress-ups with our sensational range.