Choose from the sassiest and most dapper frames South of Adelaide

There is no shame in glancing at your reflection when you pass a shop window, especially when you’re just loving how you look in your new glasses. At Victor Eye Centre, this is exactly how we want you to feel about the frames that you have bought from us. Our quest is to offer you the sassiest and most beautiful frames in the region: you shouldn’t have to drive to Adelaide to look and feel fabulous!

However, we appreciate that it can be difficult to select new glasses, especially if you’re drawn to a style that is a tad edgy and you’re debating whether you should settle for your ‘usual’. Leah, Kristina, and Deb are warm, friendly, and encouraging. We want you to have fun trying on our great frames, even if you think there is no way you’ll walk out in some of them. Try the whole shop if you want, because hidden in our boutique little practice will be the frames that make you feel totally awesome. We are here to guide and assist you in selecting a frame to suit your lifestyle and the person you want to be, at a price you are comfortable with (and if you just have to have them, we do offer Openpay).

As an independent practice, we have complete freedom to select the most unique, show-stopping and (frankly) ‘good enough to eat’ eyewear from anywhere we choose in Australia and the world. We also choose to limit our frames to those creatively designed and carefully crafted by specialist glasses manufacturers who have perfected their skills over decades. As a result, we are also now in the enviable position where bespoke and unusual suppliers come knocking on our door wanting to showcase their sensational eyewear in our sassy little store. Depending on the frame you choose, we can customise your frame style, colour, and size for a perfect fit. And yes, if we don’t have the frame you want in stock, we’ll contact our supplier and do our best to find it for you.

With over 400 frames carefully selected for quality, style, trends, and comfort you will love choosing your new frames.

Oh and don’t forget – we also provide prescription safety specs, swimming, and sports goggles.

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We want you to keep loving the way you see and feel when you pop on your new specs for as long as possible, as well as taking the best care of your optical investment. Every six months or so, we will invite you to book a complimentary ‘spa’ for your eyewear, during which they will be pampered with (the optical equivalent of) a volcanic mud soak, citrus peel, and brow pluck (or if you prefer, a shammy and tune up). This also provides us with an opportunity to confirm that the quality brands we choose to stock are living up to our (and your) exacting expectations.

Despite our best efforts, we are (alas) only human and there will be the occasional and rare monumental stuff up. Or perhaps a new lens type just doesn’t cut the mustard for you. For this we offer:

  • A 2-year warranty on all frames and lenses against manufacturing faults and defects. (This does not include reversing over them with your car, finding them ‘loved’ in your dog’s basket, or other ‘normal’ wear and tear.)
  • A lifetime service warranty for our eyewear, including free adjustments, cleaning, replacement of nose pads, screws, and general care to keep your glasses comfortable and looking awesome.
  • A 3-month prescription warranty on all the lenses we prescribe and dispense. If you have a prescription change or difficulty adapting to your new prescription we will replace the lenses at no charge. (This does not include prescriptions provided by optometrists from out of our practice, or our prescriptions dispensed elsewhere.)

We’re not precious about the Health Fund you prefer – toss any card you’ve got at us when you pay and we’ll happily process any optical benefits you are eligible for.

We welcome our veterans and eligible family members – have your DVA card ready.

For those “aghhhhh” moments, we offer Open Pay and also accept VISA and Mastercard.


The gorgeous photos of groovy glasses which appear on this website are just some examples from the designers we buy from. Stock is changing all the time and some styles don’t even make it into Australia! Alas, whilst we try our hardest to find you what you crave, we can’t guarantee to be able to secure you the exact frame you are looking for.