We focus on the serious stuff

Eyes are complex but 90% of vision loss can be prevented or treated if caught early, so it’s time to stride boldly out of the land of denial and take control of your peepers! With the help of some great technology, we can draw on a wealth of experience and expertise to diagnose and manage eye disease and refractive error at any age. We also work in collaboration with a range of eye, neurological and other specialists, allowing us to refer you quickly to the one that suits you best if required.

Book an appointment to put your mind at rest if:

  • What you see is blurry, patchy, distorted, double or unusual in any way (this can be sudden or gradual)
  • Your eyes are itchy, red, gritty, watery, inflamed, sore or just plain painful (sudden or gradual)
  • You react badly to head lights at night or bright sunshine
  • You find yourself putting the light on to see better, leaning into the computer screen or rolling your chair closer to the TV
  • You are suffering from chronic or acute headaches
  • You are seeing something you don’t normally see, such as large floaty bits, flashes of light, or spots
  • Your eyes get tired and ache when you read books or screens
  • Your arms are too short to hold your phone where you can easily read the text

Sadly, the beachside shack isn’t the only thing you might inherit from your parents! Book an appointment if:

  • You have parents or other relations with a history of glaucoma
  • You have been diagnosed with diabetes, or have a family history of diabetes

At least you won’t have to fight with your siblings about these.

To save you the hassle, time, and cost of traveling to Adelaide for appointments with your ophthalmologist, we also work collaboratively with many ophthalmologists to monitor and manage the eye diseases listed below, keeping your specialist in the loop and referring you back if something changes.



Macular degeneration

Diabetic retinopathy

Refreshingly Different Frames

Our quest is to offer you the most beautiful frames in the region whilst refusing to compromise on the quality of eyecare we provide. We are proud to be the only stockists of many unique fashion frames not available anywhere else south of Adelaide and only a handful of practices in South Australia. If you love to feel awesome when you pop on your frames, come and play dress-ups with our sensational range.