First Aid For Your Eyes

Your eyes are special. They’re also the only ones you’ve got and if you’re lucky enough to have a pair that are totally schmick and work the way they should, then read up on our Hints and Tips to do everything you can to keep them safe.

But of course, the best laid plans and all that: remember that even a minor problem can cause long-term and permanent damage to your eyes and your ability to see.

What to do in case of an eye injury

Walk-in emergency care is available in our practice at any time that we are open and our optometrist is consulting. Call first to check they are in the practice and to seek advice on the best and quickest possible solution. Our optometrist is highly skilled at providing immediate pain relief, topical infection control, and removing wooden splinters, metal shavings, and grit embedded into your eye. They will also call Emergency Departments to secure immediate appointments and brief on-duty registrars and specialists. However, some injuries are best dealt with at the Emergency Department.

Find your nearest emergency department here.

Our optometrist is also available for follow-up care and monitoring after your ED appointment.

Refreshingly Different Frames

Our quest is to offer you the most beautiful frames in the region whilst refusing to compromise on the quality of eyecare we provide. We are proud to be the only stockists of many unique fashion frames not available anywhere else south of Adelaide and only a handful of practices in South Australia. If you love to feel awesome when you pop on your frames, come and play dress-ups with our sensational range.